We need your story!

Call it The Resistance, Indivisible, the “Left”, Dems, Snowflakes or any other name. We know who we are. And we need to stick together. Because we are always stronger together.

Here’s why we need your voice, your story, your truth.

We need to know we are not alone.

We need to learn from each other. 

We are only at the beginning. 

You don’t need to be a professional writer and you don’t need any prior experience. And you just need to share your story, from your perspective.

But there are a few things we don’t want. We don’t need more name calling, fake news stories, or opinions based on false statements (we hear enough of that from Trump’s camp). Instead, share your personal experiences, lessons learned, and even mistakes you’ve made along the way. Share what motivated you to join a group, go to a protest or make a phone call.

Share how you’ve survived this crazy time and still have the will to fight another day. Because we need you. We need each other.

Ready to tell your story?

Not sure what to write? Answer the questions in My Resistance Story

Want to submit a post? Send completed article as a Google Doc or MS Word document, along with the following information:

Guest posts can’t be anonymous. Please add your name, a 200-word max bio (you can link back to your group’s website or social media profile) and an optional headshot (150 x 150 pix – you can easily make this using Canva.

Please send all submissions in as a Google Doc or Word document to submissions@kattales.org