Every single one of us has a Resistance story to tell.

If you’re unsure what to share or how to tell your story, here’re a few questions to help you get started:

  1. Explain the moment you knew, deep in your bones, that you had to take some kind of action during the Trump era?
  2. What was your first action and what did you love about it?
  3. How do you handle the pro-Trumpers in your life?
  4. What’s the darkest day you’ve had since Trump was elected?
  5. What’s the best day you’ve had since Trump was elected?
  6. Share a little about your local group and what it’s meant to you.
  7. How do you handle the constant barrage of fake news, attacks on our values, and feelings of hopelessness?
  8. What advice would you give those who are too nervous, scared, or overwhelmed to take action?
  9. Are you comfortable being a known activist in your area? If so, why? If not, what do you think will happen?
  10. What tools, resources, ideas, groups that have helped you get through this crazy time?
  11. What motivates you to keep going?

Add anything else that you think would be helpful for others to hear.

Submissions can be anonymous. However, if you would like to have author credit, please add your name, a 200-word max bio (you can link back to your group’s website or social media profile) and an optional headshot (150x150pix).

Please send all submissions in as a Google Doc or Word document to submissions @ kattales.org